Exceptional Exceptions

I know that I’ve said many times before that I’ve no interest in most things musical nor do I have any interest in learning them.  I have to admit that there are a few notable exceptions to this.

One of them is an instrument that has proven capable of a quite amazing sound quality, the tenor saxophone.  In the past I’ve never really been a fan of what most people call “jazz”, though I’ve heard some sax players now and then that caught my ear as something I’d like to hear more of (though at the time I didn’t know that they were playing tenor saxophones, just that I liked the sound of whatever it was.).

The first time I remember actually making the connection between that particular sound and the instrument that it came from was when watching the TV series “Nightman”.  It featured the lead character being a tenor sax player when he wasn’t doing his superhero thing as “Nightman”.

E-038- New Kethane Miner

Now that Fuel 2 and Fuel 3 are on their way to Duna and Jool, it’s long past time to get a new Kethane mining ship out to Duna to replace the one that crashed.

Honest Mistake

Y’know, I’ve said it many times in the past.  I am not what you’d call a “music person”.  I mean I know what I like but that’s about it.  I don’t know or want to know the details of how it’s done or what all the technical aspects involved are.

So the other day I was at the local wall fart and some nice looking lady asked me where she could find a yamaha mixer, I naturally pointed her to the section of the store where kitchen appliances are displayed.

How was I supposed to know that this “mixer” is a thing that’s supposed to somehow combine sounds from several sources like microphones, electronic instruments and amplifiers for conventional instruments.

What can I say?  I’m much more cooking oriented and when you say “mixer” to me, I think of a kitchen appliance used to mix ingredients prior to cooking.

E-037- Duna And Jool

A while back two ships were launched to Duna in spite of it’s being far out of position.  Now it’s time to see what can be done with them.

Clueless Rumormongers

Well I suppose that all rumormongers are clueless however the bunch that are spreading “Bob rumors” are particularly special cases.

For example there’s a new one that’s cropped up lately that claims that Bob has proposed marriage to each and every one of the female cast of “Babes of Star Trek Gone Wild” and that they’ve allegedly all accepted.  The rumor goes on to say that because of this Bob has “practically bought out Reeds.com jewelry store” in getting sufficient rings with shiny rocks on them in preparation for the big day where he marries all 14 women at the same time.

Obviously this rumor is a load of something special.  Not only because big multi-marriages like that aren’t quite legal anywhere I know of but also because of this news item that makes it clear that Bob is not only back but has never been doing any of the things that these rumors have claimed.

I suppose eventually they’ll get a clue.  Right.  That’s gonna happen.

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