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Anonymous Email – Step one: You need PGP

One of the topics that I’ve been planning to cover here involves how to send anonymous email because I want to talk about how to blog anonymously and in order to do that, you need to be able to send email that cannot be traced back to you. Before I go any further I want […]

Web Email Sites Like Yahoo or Hotmail Are NOT Anonymous

I recently saw a message thread where somebody asked how they could set up an anonymous email address that they could use when signing up for sites that they didn’t want to give up any real personal or contact information.

Matterhorn Remailer Back Up

I recently posted about the Matterhorn remailer being down.  This morning I found an announcement in alt.privacy.anon-server that it’s been restored to normal operation. It does however, have a new mixmaster key.  The best way to get the new key is to send an email to remailer AT rip DOT ax DOT lt with the […]

Matterhorn Remailer Down

I just ran across a post on alt.privacy.anon-server from yesterday announcing that the Matterhorn anonymous remailer is down, apparently due to a hard drive failure.  Since the operator is out of the country it’s likely to be months before it’s restored to operation. What I thought was a completely non-thought out answer to that post […]

In Most Cases, You Only THINK You’re Anonymous

Entirely too many people think that just because they use a nick, pen name or handle (call it what you will.  It’s an alias) on a forum that what they say on that forum is anonymous.  This is in fact very much not the case.