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Warrantless Wiretaps By NSA Targeted Non-Terrorists, Journalists

If anybody ever had any doubt that the NSA, under orders from President Bush, were engaged in a massive illegal warrantless wiretapping scheme they can put those doubts to rest.

FISA Court Rules Warrantless Wiretapping Legal

According to a NYTimes article, The Foreign Intelligence
Surveillance court (FISA) has going to issue a ruling that validates the Bush administration’s claim that the President does have the power to order the wiretapping of international phone calls and intercept email messages without any court order.

The Secret Room

EFF Desinger Hugh D’Andrade was recently asked to create mural-sized political cartoon at a show of experimental drawings and cartoons at the Mission Cultural Center in San Francisco.

Is Your Computer Spying On You?

I saw something on the Rachael Ray show today that I think has some serious potential for problems that I’m sure that the folks advocating it have considered. It was something called "Snoopstick". It’s sold as a means of checking up on children and what they’re doing on the Internet. I don’t doubt for a […]

WARNING: Data Retention Laws in The Works!

Once again Big Brother is on the march. This is another effort to require ISP’s to keep logs of Web browsing, instant message exchanges, and e-mail conversations … FOREVER. This means any email or Instant Message you send, any website you visit will be recorded somewhere in a log file and made available to law […]