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Anonymous Email – Step Two: Jack B. Nymble

At this point I’m assuming that you have PGP 6.5.8 installed and have taken some time to become familiar with how to create keys and sign and/or encrypt text messages. One way to send anonymous mail is to use the Cypherpunk remailer system.  The way it works is actually simple, it’s just cumbersome to do […]

Anonymous Email – Step one: You need PGP

One of the topics that I’ve been planning to cover here involves how to send anonymous email because I want to talk about how to blog anonymously and in order to do that, you need to be able to send email that cannot be traced back to you. Before I go any further I want […]

Matterhorn Remailer Back Up

I recently posted about the Matterhorn remailer being down.  This morning I found an announcement in alt.privacy.anon-server that it’s been restored to normal operation. It does however, have a new mixmaster key.  The best way to get the new key is to send an email to remailer AT rip DOT ax DOT lt with the […]

Matterhorn Remailer Down

I just ran across a post on alt.privacy.anon-server from yesterday announcing that the Matterhorn anonymous remailer is down, apparently due to a hard drive failure.  Since the operator is out of the country it’s likely to be months before it’s restored to operation. What I thought was a completely non-thought out answer to that post […]

In Most Cases, You Only THINK You’re Anonymous

Entirely too many people think that just because they use a nick, pen name or handle (call it what you will.  It’s an alias) on a forum that what they say on that forum is anonymous.  This is in fact very much not the case.