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Some Great Christmas Gift Ideas

As the Christmas season draws closer and closer people are once again scrambling like mad to come up with the best possible ideas for gifts.  As we all know this is usually quite the challenge and I think is responsible for a fairly large percentage of the people that don’t finish their Christmas shopping until […]

Kenny’s Christmas List

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and some people are already getting their Christmas wish lists in order.  Kenny is one of those people.  The difference is that his list only contains a single item and it’s doubtful that anything else will be added to it. You see Kenny is an audiophile. He’s into sound systems […]

Christmas Inspiration

I have, just in the last few minutes, had what I consider to be a genius inspiration concerning Christmas gifts.  You see, normally when people think of personalized christmas gifts they’re talking about extra fancy Christmas cards, monogrammed ties & coffee mugs and stuff like that. Well, it’s occurred to me that there are many […]

Christmas Gift Idea

It’s that time of year again.  Time to start getting serious about planning one’s Christmas shopping.  Even though I don’t have the resources right now to do anything about it I *have* been doing quite a bit of “window shopping” as it were, looking for that ideal gift idea and I in several cases I […]

Merry Bat-Christmas??

Ever had one of those really really oddball neighbors?  Well, I’ve got a few of them but I think that this time one has far outstripped the others.  We were talking about Christmas plans and so on when I made the mistake of asking him what’s the one thing he *really* wants for Christmas (knowing […]