Some Great Christmas Gift Ideas

As the Christmas season draws closer and closer people are once again scrambling like mad to come up with the best possible ideas for gifts.  As we all know this is usually quite the challenge and I think is responsible for a fairly large percentage of the people that don’t finish their Christmas shopping until nearly the last minute.

One tip that might help is that it’s well worth considering the idea of getting personalized gifts for men.  Contrary to popular belief, a large percentage of us guys actually do appreciate finer things.  This is especially true when we receive gifts that show how much thought somebody put into selecting what to give.  Personalizing something is one way to add that extra touch.

The first thing to do is make sure you know something about the guy’s tastes and what he’s interested in.  A personalized beer mug may be great for a lot of guys but if the guy that you’re buying for isn’t a beer drinker it would be a less than ideal gift for him wouldn’t it?

A set of poker chips in an engraved case would be great if he’s into Texas Hold-em but if he’s not a card player it’s not going to mean nearly as much to him.

Similarly, jewelry works for a lot of guys but there’s always those that don’t ever wear stuff like that.  You have to pay some attention to what he likes in order to hit something that’s really going to work.

Paying attention to details can often give you an idea for something that will be a perfect gift without necessarily having to spend a fortune doing it.

Kenny’s Christmas List

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and some people are already getting their Christmas wish lists in order.  Kenny is one of those people.  The difference is that his list only contains a single item and it’s doubtful that anything else will be added to it.

You see Kenny is an audiophile. He’s into sound systems and making his listening experience the best he can possibly manage.  He’s decided that this year he will be able to finally complete the stereo system that he’s been building for most of the last decade/

He plans to do this by adding a set of headphones to the system so that he can listen without disturbing anyone else (or having to listen to anybody else).  Of course, he’s very particular about exactly which headphone he wants.  He decided on Dr Dre Headphones after doing weeks of research on every headphone that he could find anywhere. He has literally spent weeks pouring over the technical specs of ever headphone on the market and finally came to the conclusion that this was the best possible choice.

Of course Kenny can’t afford to get them himself so he’s made up a single item Christmas list and has started publishing it everywhere, emailing it to everybody he knows, posting it on facebook and twitter.. Etc.

I hate to break it to him though but because of the way the economy has been going lately I kinda doubt that very many of the people who got this one item list are going to be able to swing over $350 for a set of headphones.

I don’t doubt that they’re good (and reviews I’ve seen agree with that assessment) but really, I have to wonder if they can really make that big of a difference in sound quality that anybody could actually detect with their ears?.

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Christmas Inspiration

I have, just in the last few minutes, had what I consider to be a genius inspiration concerning Christmas gifts.  You see, normally when people think of personalized christmas gifts they’re talking about extra fancy Christmas cards, monogrammed ties & coffee mugs and stuff like that.

Well, it’s occurred to me that there are many other possibilities that would be every bit as good if not better depending on the situation and the individual receiving them.

For example a monogrammed lawnmower would be a VERY highly valued gift for me right now since keeping my lawn mowed has been a royal pain in the arse for a couple of years now because my ten year old machine has pretty much had it.

Another great example is my brother.  I know for a fact that he would place an immense value on a monogrammed state of the art laptop.  A machine that was actually portable AND powerful enough to do everything he needs it to do.

Don’t get me wrong.  The traditional personalized Christmas gifts are all fine and dandy but I honestly think that things like this would go over a LOT better and be both appreciated and used for a lot longer.

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Christmas Gift Idea

It’s that time of year again.  Time to start getting serious about planning one’s Christmas shopping.  Even though I don’t have the resources right now to do anything about it I *have* been doing quite a bit of “window shopping” as it were, looking for that ideal gift idea and I in several cases I think I’ve found it.

You see there’s a bunch of family members that either don’t have computers or the computers they have died some time back and after a lot of looking around I’ve found something that would be just perfect, a Dell Latitude Laptop.  This machine, while admittedly not exactly state of the art bleeding edge, is light years ahead of the dead machines (which could only run windows 95!) and is infinitely better than trying to use the internet on a low end cell phone.

What’s more is that because it’s on sale for 46% off of it’s regular price, if I could lay hands on a few thousand bucks I could afford to get enough of them to outfit everybody in the immediate family that needs a computer.

I also like very much the fact that it comes with Windows XP as opposed to being saddled with the resource hogging nightmare that is the more recent versions of windows.  Besides, Windows XP means that I’d be in a fairly good position to handle the inevitable tech support calls if there should ever be a problem.  I couldn’t support vista or seven because I have very little experience with vista and none with seven.

Now all I need to do is find a way to make about $3,000 appear on my kitchen table and I can start buying them up and getting set to surprise a bunch of people for Christmas!

Yep.  That’s gonna happen.

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Merry Bat-Christmas??

Ever had one of those really really oddball neighbors?  Well, I’ve got a few of them but I think that this time one has far outstripped the others.  We were talking about Christmas plans and so on when I made the mistake of asking him what’s the one thing he *really* wants for Christmas (knowing I probably wouldn’t be able to afford it since this guy’s like two or three tax brackets up from me.) and without even a single moment’s hesitation he answered (with a straight face mind you), “The Batmobile”.

I answered with something like “C’mon, seriously, what do you really want?” and he replies, “Seriously, I want the Batmobile.  Specifically the one from the 1966 tv series.”

batmobile owners manualI could tell by the look on his face that he really WAS serious and while I have to say that he’s pretty well heeled financially, I don’t think he’s up to being able to afford that even if he DID manage to find it on sale by some miracle.  The last time I heard about it being sold it went for something over ten million or more.

That’s when I had this great idea.  You see, I was thinking about getting him one of those fancy scale model replicas of it.  The kind with a few hundred parts and tons of detail involved.  Then I saw this, The Batmobile Owner’s Manual and thought that not only would it be an interesting gift idea for somebody so interested in the Batmobile, who knows, he might even be able to use the information in the book to reverse engineer the thing and build his own Batmobile.

Granted, building a copy isn’t the same as owning the original but it’s bound to be a heck of a lot less expensive to do and not only that, it wont involve convincing the current owner to sell.

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