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I Hate Christmas Shopping

I don’t have anything against Christmas.  Far from it in fact.  I also don’t have any problem with exchanging gifts, especially when I’m able to come up with a gift that really hits the spot for that particular person. The problem comes in when trying to figure out just what those gifts should be.  You […]

The Single Biggest Problem With Wanting Software For Christmas

When somebody asks me what I want for Christmas, the first thing that I think of is almost inevitably software.  The problem with that is that, as I suppose is to be expected, the system requirements for most software is setting the bar higher and higher these days. Think about it.  There was a time, […]

Thanksgiving is Over, NOW it’s Time To Gear Up For Christmas

Well, now that the Thanksgiving holiday is past, NOW it’s ok to start gearing up for Christmas.  I used to ask why it was that everybody had this crazy need to start Christmas preparations so much earlier every year and then I realized that the only reason for all that was pure and simple… Greed.  […]

Christmas Shopping and

As Christmas approaches it’s once again time to start hunting and searching to find gift ideas.  In addition to finding the right things to get for people, I think most people want to save some money at the same time. is a site that helps you find what you’re looking for when it comes […]

Home For Christmas?

If Senator John Warner gets his way, at least some soldiers would be home in time for Christmas.  Of course, we all also know that president Bush has been adamant about not withdrawing any troops until the mission is complete and faced with this demand, It wouldn’t be a great surprize if we were to […]