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Off Season

Here it is well into November and of course, the one thing that you see the most any time you pay any attention to advertising (I don’t anymore) is Christmas related ads.  Granted it’s not even Thanksgiving yet but that doesn’t generlly stop advertisers and retailers at all. What most people don’t think of too […]

Jupiter Mission – Holiday

From the Captain’s log USS Discovery, Tue Dec 25, 2012 00:08:30 GMT It’s Christmas day.  The first of several that we will spend out here in deep space.  Last week mission control had us record a Christmas special called “Christmas in deep space” that is to be broadcast today. Ralph, Hal and I exchanged the […]

This Can Stop Anytime Now

When the news of Bobs disappearance last December finally broke I have to admit that it was more than a littel entertaining browsing through the many rumors and alleged “Bob sightings” that started flowing through the endless rumor mills around the world. The thing is though that it’s not nearly so funny or entertaining anymore.  […]

How To Make Your Anniversary A Hit

In the first couple years after I got married I made loads of mistakes that seem so incredibly obvious to me now.  I did really stupid things like buy her all sorts of “practical” gifts.  You know, the kind of thing that is “useful” in some way. I learned fairly quickly that sort of thing […]

The Human Browser?

Yeah, I was a bit puzzled by that one myself but it’s *apparently* true.  There’s a guy that showed up in town the other day.  He was eating in the Nutjob Hills diner and heard a couple talking about what they were going to get this guy they knew for Christmas.  They were pretty much […]