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Powering Up

One of the things that I’ve found to be something of a problem over the last several months is my electric bill.  Particularly in the summer months is can get really out of hand because of my having to use the air conditioning as much as I do in order to keep the temperature in […]

Planning For Next Bug Season

Even though summer is officially over and the weather is beginning to turn toward the long awaited cooler days of Autumn there is still something of an insect problem going on.  Oh, it’s not anything like what it was two months ago but they’re still around even though it is in smaller numbers (finally!). Mostly […]

Finally, Some Warm Weather!

After a solid two and a half to three months of freezing cold weather it’s *finally* started to warm up around here!  The house is starting to warm up to a comfortable level for the first time since before Christmas. It’s been so cold for the last few months that sometime around next September I […]

Why Video Can Take Forever To Render

In the last few months I’ve been making a lot more videos, most of which have been Vlogging on my TinFoilChefDotCom YouTube channel.  In fact, since I took a day off for Christmas, I have not gone a day without making and uploading at least one video.  I love doing it because there’s a level […]

Not Doing Much Shopping This Year

Once again December has hit us square in the face with the Christmas season.  Thing is, I’m not nearly as interested in it this year.  Oh, I have not become a total grinch but I do lack a certain enthusiasm for it. You see this was always one of my wife’s favorite holiday seasons.  For […]