Have you looked, REALLY looked at your calendar recently?  You really should because if you do, it’ll tell you something of paramount importance… You’ll see that it’s late in the month of September, which means that December is right around the corner.  That means it’s getting close to Christmas season again and it’s time to start scrounging around our minds trying to come up with good christmas gift ideas.

Now I’m sure that most people will look around, see the nice warm days with plenty of green grass growing and the leaves aren’t even turning color yet but the thing is, that’s a false sense of security.  It’s entirely too easy to allow the fact that it’s not even October yet to get the procrastination going.. from there, you know what’s coming, next thing you know it’s three days before Christmas and you’re still trying to come up with the perfect gift for that one person who is hardest to buy for. Better by far to notice the date now and get started ahead of time.. maybe even not have to run to the store in the last week before Christmas….. Talk about saving yourself a lot of aggravation!


Y’know when I was a kid I used to think I’d like to have a briefcase.  Mind you, in my whole life I’ve had absolutely zero reason to want such a thing… unless I found myself owing a laptop.. Then I think one of those Samsonite things .. you know, the one’s that the ads had a gorilla beating the snarf out of it?  (ok, that was luggage, but you get the idea).  Perhaps the fancy metal clamshell design with foam padding cut to fit the computer and accessories to keep ’em from rattling around inside.

Hrm.. come to think of it, that sounds like a good Christmas present idea.. Don’t tell anyone!

Eeek!  A Forgotten Out-Of-Date Wishlist!

I suddenly realized that I had not updated this "wishlist" category
since well before Christmas ’06 so I thought I’d take some time and make
a start on updating it. So pretty much all entries in this category
prior to this one should be considered to out of date to use.

Here’s a few things to start it off with:

Movies include:

  • Predator
  • Predator II
  • All of the "Aliens" movies
  • Aliens vs Predator
  • Cars
  • Eragon
  • All five of the Christopher Reeves "Superman" movies
  • All of the "Batman" movies, (including the campy Adam West one from
    the 60’s)

Well, I’m certain there’s about a zillion things more, but this is good
for a start. Who knows? maybe this time I’ll keep this section more up
to date.

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A Little Early Aren’t We?

Is it just me or is the press to do something about holidays getting
applied sooner and sooner all the time? Christmas advertising starts up
around halloween these days and almost the day after Christmas, some
stores are putting up valentine’s day sales displays. Now it isn’t even
Feb 14th yet and already some have skipped a holiday or two and started
reminding us to take care of mothers
day gifts

I think that it’s important to remember things like birthdays,
anniversaries, mother’s day, father’s day and so on, but I haven’t
finished panicing about this one or the next one yet and now I guess I
need to get a jump on planning something for mother’s day also.

Halloween, your worst nightmare.

Has anyone noticed that halloween is growing in popularity over the last
few years? It seems that this night of begging for treats and
masquerading as all manner of devils, demons, witches and such like has
gained in popularity to the point where merchandizing begins to rival
that previously only seen in the Christmas season.

Now people talk about "getting into the spirit" of the "holiday" and
while that’s something that would once have horrified most people, today
it’s not only very much the opposite, but people today don’t understand
when a Bible believing Christian points out that halloween has it’s
origins in satanic rituals and conceeds power and authority to satan
that he has no right to.

Of course, as soon as you mention it’s evil origins, you get labeled a
nutcase. People tell you that it’s "just a fun holiday" and that you
need to relax and go with the spirit of the holiday.

The problem is that not only do they not know what that spirit is,
they’re so willfully blind to it’s true nature that they’ll happily
follow it to hell and never know the truth of their mistake until
judgement day. Of course, it’ll be too late to change their minds by
then. Now THAT qualifies as a "worst nightmare" if anything ever

Christians are expected to set an example for the rest of the world and
every time one of us celebrates or takes part in something like
halloween, we’re failing the people around us as well as God Allmighty.
People who call themselves followers of Jesus should have no part of a
"holiday" that celebrates and gives power to the evil one.

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