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Have you looked, REALLY looked at your calendar recently?  You really should because if you do, it’ll tell you something of paramount importance… You’ll see that it’s late in the month of September, which means that December is right around the corner.  That means it’s getting close to Christmas season again and it’s time to […]


Y’know when I was a kid I used to think I’d like to have a briefcase.  Mind you, in my whole life I’ve had absolutely zero reason to want such a thing… unless I found myself owing a laptop.. Then I think one of those Samsonite things .. you know, the one’s that the ads […]

Eeek!  A Forgotten Out-Of-Date Wishlist!

I suddenly realized that I had not updated this "wishlist" category since well before Christmas ’06 so I thought I’d take some time and make a start on updating it. So pretty much all entries in this category prior to this one should be considered to out of date to use. Here’s a few things […]

A Little Early Aren’t We?

Is it just me or is the press to do something about holidays getting applied sooner and sooner all the time? Christmas advertising starts up around halloween these days and almost the day after Christmas, some stores are putting up valentine’s day sales displays. Now it isn’t even Feb 14th yet and already some have […]

Halloween, your worst nightmare.

Has anyone noticed that halloween is growing in popularity over the last few years? It seems that this night of begging for treats and masquerading as all manner of devils, demons, witches and such like has gained in popularity to the point where merchandizing begins to rival that previously only seen in the Christmas season. […]