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When Bifocals Are Not Enough

I don’t honestly thing that I’ve ever had 20/20 vision.  Back when I was six years old I got my first pair of glasses which I was supposed to wear for reading.  By the time I was twelve years old I had a much stronger prescription and I was wearing them full time.  Over the […]

How To Change The Home Page On Firefox

I was browsing through the search logs this morning and noticed that there were several searches with the query: “how to change home page on firefox” , “change firefox homepage” and a few others related so I thought I’d write up a quickie tutorial showing how to do it. It’s actually a simple task.  First […]

New Version of MMS Released

It’s been a long time since I did anything with MMS (Mixminion Message Sender) but I’ve finally gotten back to it. MMS Finally has word wrap, which means there shouldn’t be anymore of those really ugly long lines. There are also now three distributions.  The original which only contains MMS itself, a second that includes […]

Privacy Policies Need Simplifying (DUH!)

… And since everything these days is translated in to money, they also determined that this would have a hypothetical cost to the US economy of $365 billion, more than half the value of the big money bailout package.

New Version Of Mixminon Message Sender Released

After a LONG time without updates, version 1.2.5-Beta of Mixminion Message Sender is now available. There’s been several changes / tweaks in the code (see the changelog below) and I’ve created a new distribution that includes Mixminion ready to run “out of the box”. I have not yet been able to compile Win32 binaries of […]