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Folded Note Could Be Unfolded Too Easily For Strong Anonymity is another in the long list of web based services that offer some form of anonymous email messaging.  Theirs is somewhat different than most I’ve seen in that it involves a four step process and even allows the anonymous sender to recieve a reply.  All this while ostensibly remaining anonymous.  Of course, I decided to check it out.

UK ISP’s To Get More Into Data Mining

In spite of how things have been going over recent years we have to remember that Here in the “good old U. S. Of A.” is not the only place where freedoms and privacy are under constant attack.  I was again reminded of this when I heard about a recent story on the website of […]

AudioMicro Stealing Youtube Partner Revenue

I have been using royalty free creative commons licensed music from for well over a year.  Not only that but anytime anyone talks about needing music that they can use in monetized videos that doesn’t cost them a fortune I’ve encouraged them to check out the huge list of royalty free titles at […]

Missing The StormTeam

I’m one of those people that likes to keep track of the weather even when there is nothing “severe” going on.  For years all I needed to do was tune my tv to KAIT and I could catch up to date weather conditions and forecasts on any of their newscasts.  They have also had a […]

DARPA’s Latest Video Surveillance Project

Does this sound a bit like Big Brother’s dream toy?  Yeah, I thought so too.  The question is “How do we pull the plug on it?”.  This growing trend of allowing more surveillance, censorship and government control of our lives in the name of things that on the surface, sound like good causes is really alarming.