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Network Solutions Web Hosting

Since I am going to be talking about a web hosting service provider It occurred to me that it would be a decent idea to start by providing a definition. Web Hosting is the disk space on a web server that holds all of the files needed (html, images, video, sounds, Etc) for a website […]

Picture Trouble? To the Rescue

Digital cameras are so common now that there are more people taking more pictures now than ever before.  Of course, people want to use these pictures in a wide variety of situations and honestly it makes sense.  Why spend the time and money for a professional photographer when you can take a pretty good picture […]

Christmas Shopping and

As Christmas approaches it’s once again time to start hunting and searching to find gift ideas.  In addition to finding the right things to get for people, I think most people want to save some money at the same time. is a site that helps you find what you’re looking for when it comes […]

Newsletter Management

If you’ve ever tried to manage a newsletter or some other opt-in email campaign then you know about all the hassles involved.  From designing the email or newsletter template to handling subscription and unsubscribe requests and dealing with bouncing mail it can easily grow into a nightmare.  That’s what iContact Email Marketing is all about. […]

Another ‘Patch Tuesday’

Another ‘Patch Tuesday’ has come and gone, this time with more security patches being released for several versions of IE, including IE7, that are intended to make it harder for evil sites to spoof the content of the location bar as part of “phishing” scams where they try to convince you that the site you’re […]