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Some GPS Technology

What is the state of the art in GPS tracking these days?  Here’s a good example in the form of products and services offered by a company called CPS Insight.  Their primary customers are trucking and service companies such as roofing, construction, plumbing.  Pretty much any company that has an on the road sales force […]

Texas Hospital Wants Blogger’s Identity

A hospital in Paris, Texas has filed a defamation suit against an anonymous blogger that has been writing very critical postings about the hospital and their practices.  This is testing the limits of freedom of speech and the rights of whistle-blowers that are trying to expose some wrong doing. This thing is already going the […]

Self Destructing Messages

I recently ran across several mentions of services that are offering the ability to send emails that self destruct after they’re read. The way it works is you use a provider’s service to send your message.  The recipient gets an email telling them that they have an email from you and a url where they […]

EasyCGI offering free web hosting

What’s one of the most important things when building ANY kind of website?  Web hosting of course. What makes it better is when you get a shot to get free web hosting on quality servers.  EasyCGI is offering just that.  When you sign up for on of their Windows based web hosting packages you can […]

No Privacy For The Poor

I ran across this story in the NYTimes “Todays Headlines” email that I’m subscribed to and of course I wanted to read the rest of it.  Unfortunately, because this is a “Times Select” piece, there is no getting to it on NYTimes’ site without paying for this “Times Select” thingy… Which I’m not interested in […]