Freenet 0.5 News: Build 5110 soon to be released

I have heard it said several times over the last few years that Freenet 0.5, known as Freenet Classic Opennet, is dead.

This is untrue.

As a matter of fact, freenet 0.5 is once again being developed.  I have started learning Java programming specifically so that I can contribute a much needed new update of freenet 0.5 and within a couple of weeks I expect to have the first new build (5110) available for download.

Because I’m just getting started with Java this first new build will mostly be a long overdue maintenance build.  The default bookmarks will be updated and some very old code that directs people to the original site will be updated to point to equivalent pages on my freenet site.  This is because the developers at no longer support or have anything to do with 0.5.  Instead they’re devoting their efforts to 0.7.x, a branch of freenet that I and many others have long mis-trusted for an assortment of reasons which I won’t go into now because I’m not up to writing a long post right now.

Instead I’ll address the biggest concerns in a series of upcoming posts.

In the meantime I’ll be working on 5110 and will announce here and on the Frost boards when it’s available.

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An Interesting Freenet Misconception

It’s amazing how things have changed here in Nutjob Hills in just the last ten years.  Back then hardly anyone in town even had a basic idea of what the internet is and even fewer actually had access.  Less than one in a hundred of them actually used it for anything besides playing flash games on their favorite website portal.

Now things are really different.  Oh it’s true that there’s some that still aren’t connected and refuse to even consider it because of how “evil” they thing it is but overall most locals have, if only to keep up with the Joneses, been gradually moving into the 21st century.

Still, there are mountains of misconceptions and wrong ideas floating about.  Like the time recently when Bobby Jo and Jo Bob got into another of their famous arguments.  Bobby Jo was insisting that Freenet Classic Openet was part of most common ps3 bundles and Jo Bob was equally adamant that this was not and likely never will be true.

Jo Bob is right of course.  While I think it would be a great idea and would do wonders for the Freenet network, it is not and to my knowledge never has been part of any bundles, especially on game consoles.

I suppose it’s just as well.  I can only begin to imagine the difficulties involved in pushing updates as new builds are produced.  Besides which certain companies, whom I will not name, are somewhat less than thrilled about the idea of people being able to communicate privately and anonymously or being able to publish anything they want to anoymously and I’m sure none of them would ever agree to having something like Freenet bundled with their machines.

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Freenet Downloads Updated

I have updated the freenet install archives on my freenet page.

This update included two things.

1, I updated the default bookmarks so that they now point to the current editions

2, I replaced the seednodes.ref file in each archive with a current one

I’m planning to do more updates on this page soon.

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What Is Freenet Classic OpenNet?

I’ve talked about Freenet here occasionally and while I think it’s easy enough to understand I still get occasional questions about just exactly what it is.  That, combined with the recent fork of Freenet Classic OpenNet from the original Freenet 0.5 project has prompted me to create this video that gives a basic overview of what Freenet is and how it operates.

In upcoming videos I’ll be covering how to install and use Freenet Classic OpenNet as well as several Freenet applications.  Frost, creating basic freesites and inserting them with the Freesite Insertion Wizard, Freenet Utility for Queued Inserts and Downloads and using Thingamablog to create flogs (that’s a blog within Freenet).

You can download Freenet Classic OpenNet or FCON from either

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Time For A Freenet 0.5 How To Video Series

I guess I’ve been a little “out of it” for a while concerning things like Freenet because of the general shitstorm that my life has been turning into but getting back into things recently it’s occurred to me that in spite of being abandoned by the original developers, Freenet 0.5 is still very much alive and in use.

The one thing that it really needs is more users.  This is something that hasn’t been happening so much lately.  Partly because the developers have almost eliminated mention of or support for 0.5 in favor of 0.7.  That’s all fine and dandy but there’s still a lot of people that have reservations about using a version that’s still young enough to need acne skin treatment by the bucket load.  Following the support list I’m still seeing frequent mention of problems that involve extremely high cpu usage, memory usage and more recently, an issue involving in excess of 2000 file handles being open at once.

Therefore I’m going to take advantage of the fact that I’ve gotten somewhat better at making videos and create a series of “how to” videos that are aimed at making freenet easy for total newbies to set up and install it.

I’ll start with the basics of getting freenet installed and working, then cover some basic freenet utilities and close with a video tutorial showing how to create a freenet website (freesite).

I expect to have the first of these videos done in a week or so.  I’ll be posting here as each one is completed and on my YouTube channel I’ll create a playlist with all of them in it.

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