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Freenet 0.5 Is Dead

The anonymous publishing, messaging and file sharing network known as Freenet 0.5 is, in my opinion, finally dead. I first started using Freenet around 2004 a little while before version 0.5 was released.  It was a great idea, one that I consider to be very important in today’s world where “Big Brother” is increasingly snooping […]

Five Easy Steps To Installing Freenet Classic Opennet (FCon)

Having recently announced the release of build 5110, the first new build of Freenet Classic Opennet (FCon) in well over two years it has occurred to me that it would be a good idea to put together a brief walkthrough of the installation process. Because I’m a windows user and have never installed it on […]

FCon Build 5110 Is Now Available

[Edit June 8, 2012: The Freenet 0.5 network is effectively dead (see this post for details).  While you are welcome to try to make this software work and revitalize it, I know of no currently operating nodes.  If you DO get a useable network up and running, DO let me know.] A long overdue new […]

The Address Label Mystery

Over the nearly two years since my wife died I’ve been slowly going through things and deciding what to keep, what to set aside for family members and what to just plain throw away.  Something that I have found a lot of in this time is address labels.  Those little personalized stickers that save you […]

We’re Not All Loons

It has occurred to me more than once just how easily somebody could come to the conclusion that every single person in Nutjob Hills is a complete and total loon.  Especially given the examples that I’ve written about (and will continue to write about, this stuff is just too good to pass up!). While it […]