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Austrailian Man Chooses Chip … At What Cost?

I saw an item on slashdot a few days ago that’s been gnawing at me for a while now.  It involves a story about somebody referred to as “Australia’s Geekiest Man” and the fact that in his effort to create a software controlled environemnt that he’s had an RFID tag implanted in his arm. Currently […]

Another ‘Patch Tuesday’

Another ‘Patch Tuesday’ has come and gone, this time with more security patches being released for several versions of IE, including IE7, that are intended to make it harder for evil sites to spoof the content of the location bar as part of “phishing” scams where they try to convince you that the site you’re […]

How do I find out My PageRank?

There are several ways.  Google likes to promote use of it’s toolbar but personally I would not only never use it, I advise against it because of privacy reasons.  Instead there are several web pages you can use to find out the page rank of any given page. Checks 72 of Google’s datacenters, can […]

Warning, Headhunters!

The first thing this word brings to my mind is a tribe of cannibals in a jungle someplace dining on neighbors and any unsuspecting strangers that happen by. Would you believe that in today’s world when people talk about headhunters they actually mean that they recruit personnel to fill jobs? One example of modern headhunters […]