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Dressing For Success

When it comes to clothes, fashion and the concept of “dressing for success”, most of the people of Nutjob Hills aren’t very different from people anywhere else.  Mr Cramden is one of the more notable exceptions. He believes that instead of following all of the latest “power fashions” that one should keep things simple and […]

Affordable Terabytes

One of the things that I learned when I started getting into playing around with video (and more recently, rendering video from animated 3D models) is that the better the video quality and the higher the resolution, the larger the files are.  When I first got started my videos were initially done in 320 x […]

4th Amendment Protection Eliminated In E-mail

I just read something on Slashdot that should be a great big red flag to anyone that has any interest in email privacy at all. The 11th Circuit court handed down a decision in Rehberg v. Paulk which severely limits how much fourth amendment protection there is for Email.  The decision was that constitutional protection […]

Why I PGP Sign All My Emails

I’ve been making it a point to PGP sign all of my emails for several years now and I still get the occasional question asking why I bother.  The answer is simple really, I’m using it as a form of identity theft protection. You see about five or six years ago I and people I […]

Piracy Not The Big Hairy Problem It’s Been Made Out To Be (DUH!)

If I were to tell you that the sale of home security systems is causing an increase in break ins and home invasions you would think I was out of my mind wouldn’t you? Well, those that have been screaming bloody murder over various forms of piracy, music, movies and lately, E-Books, are essentially trying […]