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Lighting, The Heart Of Chroma Key

Anyone that’s used the video editing tool called Chroma Key, the trick of making a color transparent so that you can have a picture or another video clip visible behind your actor(s), can tell you that THE single most important factor in using that effect is lighting. Oh, it’s possible to make it work (well, […]

Better Lighting For Chroma Key

Anyone that’s seen how my most recent video turned out because of the way I abused the color correction tools to make the green screen usable will agree that I really need to put together something, anything to improve how that green screen is lit up. Granted, I have sunlight coming in the windows during […]

What’s Lighting Your Tree This Year?

One of the latest technology changes that we’re going to be seeing more and more of is in lights.  Lots of people are already switching from incandescent bulbs to those Compact Florescent bulbs if only because they can save a bunch of money using them.  What’s happening now is people are starting to switch away […]

Lighting Up At is probably one of the most extensive online store for lighting fixtures of whatever kind.  From the fancy decorative to the purely functional utility, they have what looks to me like just about every kind and style of lighting fixture I’ve ever seen and then some.  Some of the brands available include maxim lighting, […]

Minecraft -10- Making a Molehill Out Of A Mountain And More Ownage

I came up with a plan to deal with that mountain.  I decided to literally make a molehill out of it.  The plan was to start a major dig and level the thing.  Then once it was level it would be turned into a quarry that would go all the way down to bedrock. When […]