Trust Iran?  Remember And Decide

I’ve heard recently that there is supposedly “progress” being made with Iran and that some people seem to think that because Iran is now apparently willing to talk about things like send it’s stock of enriched uranium elsewhere and other things that make it look like they’re “playing nice”.

I for one don’t believe it for a minute.  Let’s set the wayback machine to October 23, 1983.  The city is Beirut, Lebanon.  At 6:25am local time agents of the ayatollah khomeini’s government had a suicide bomber drive a truck loaded with explosives into the U.S. Marines barracks.

The resulting explosion was so powerful that it shattered all of the windows in the control tower at Beirut’s international airport and reduced the barracks to a pile of rubble.  220 Marines, 18 Navy personnel and three Army soldiers were killed in the blast.

This is the same Iran that has repeatedly threatened to attack Israel with the intent of destroying the Jewish people.  This is the same Iran that has in recent years provided technology and support to North Korea’s nuclear missile program and Kim Jong Il, the madman who would have his finger on the button.

I say, don’t trust Iran.  Ever.  Regardless of what it my *look* like, they are NOT and by their own word never will be, our “friends” in any sense of the word.

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Remember The Readers

One of the most important reasons why people will come to your blog / website, look around a bit and then never return can easily be your overal style.

For example if you write in a confrontational, abusive manner then people who don’t like that sort of thing will take one look at your site and quickly click away to another site.  It’s much better overall to write in as much of a conversational tone as you can.  The idea is to have people get the idea that you’re just another person like them.  Any time it’s possible to put a bit of humor or lightheartedness into something then that’s something that will help

It’s also importat to make it easy to leave comments, if you can, it’s a good idea to use a threaded comment plugin and in any case, replying to comments as much as you can also contributes to the decision to visit your site again..

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Remember Waterbeds?

My Waterbed Shop is something of an internet rarity, having actually been in business since 1978 selling waterbeds and waterbed accessories.  I haven’t actually thought about waterbeds in quite a few years myself but looking at their site and how long they’ve been in business it’s easy to tell that the waterbed is not only still with us, it’s here to stay.

They have a trim layout that puts menus on top and in the sidebar that give you links to the entire site. Their stock appears to be comprehensive, covering just about any waterbed need you might have from beds, replacement mattresses, heaters, bedding, repair kits and so on.

Hamas member killed despite truce

When I read this story about a Hamas member getting gunned down a few
hours after a truce went into effect between them and their rival, Fatah
I couldn’t help wondering why anyone, Hamas least of all, would be
surprised by this.

This is one of the same groups that has not yet managed to keep a single
ceasefire, truce, or peace agreement of any kind with Israel. They might
make the agreement, but inevitably, they find an excuse to capture or
kill someone or blow something up.

I’ll agree that it’s a bad thing that their member was killed, but
honestly, i have to say that it’s only because I think that given Hamas’
beliefs and goals, this person probably did not have a saving
relationship with Jesus and is therefore now condemned for eternity. I
don’t wish that fate on anyone, not even the most vile.

member killed despite truce

A Hamas commander has been killed by gunmen in southern Gaza,
despite a ceasefire between the Palestinian militant group and its
rival, Fatah.

Hussein Shabasi, 28, was shot dead in Khan Younis hours after the
truce went into effect at 0300 (0100 GMT).

Exceptional Exceptions

I know that I’ve said many times before that I’ve no interest in most things musical nor do I have any interest in learning them.  I have to admit that there are a few notable exceptions to this.

One of them is an instrument that has proven capable of a quite amazing sound quality, the tenor saxophone.  In the past I’ve never really been a fan of what most people call “jazz”, though I’ve heard some sax players now and then that caught my ear as something I’d like to hear more of (though at the time I didn’t know that they were playing tenor saxophones, just that I liked the sound of whatever it was.).

The first time I remember actually making the connection between that particular sound and the instrument that it came from was when watching the TV series “Nightman”.  It featured the lead character being a tenor sax player when he wasn’t doing his superhero thing as “Nightman”.

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