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Hard Sell

Sales people bug me.  Literally they bug me constantly.  Every single day I get at LEAST one, usually several, calls from automated systems trying to sell me this or that thing that I don’t need or can’t afford. What’s really bad is when those automated calls happen in the predawn hours.  I can’t just ignore […]

Slingshot Return

Remember the ship that was trapped in an elliptical orbit because it ran out of fuel?  Because I had at that time no way to get a ship out to it or to refuel it (remember, this was back before docking was added to the game) I decided to try a longshot method of getting […]

Solar Escape

I was in one of *those* moods this morning so just for the heck of it I tried something in orbiter that I’d never heard of anyone doing before.  (I’m sure it’s been done, I’ve just never seen anything about such events.) I decided to try a gravity assist slingshot maneuver.  The object I chose […]

My First Trip To Jupiter

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of space travel.  As a kid I watched all of the Apollo missions from Apollo 7 forward.  On July 20th, 1969 I stayed up late to watch the first manned lunar landing and a while later, the first EVA on the moon. I have always found Flight simulators, […]


It seems that Nutjob Hills has yet another would-be superhero (As if EpicMan wasn’t enough).  This spandex wearing masked do-gooder is at least a bit different though.  He’s been flying about town displaying an amazing talent for showing up just exactly when a problem hits. When you have a computer problem there is a real […]