Some movies I intend to see

This also includes movies I’ve seen but would still like to have the DVD.

In no particular order….

  • Pirates of The Carribean 2 (& 3 when it comes out)
  • Sky High
  • Freaky Friday
    There are actualy 3 versions, two are by disney
    one I’m looking for is the one NOT done by disney.
    My wife, who is
    much better at remembering that sort
    of detail than I am, says it
    starred Shelly Long.
  • Flight of The Navigator
  • The Black Hole
  • The Haunted Mansion
  • The Shaggy Dog (Tim Allen version.)
  • The Shaggy Doc (1959)
  • The Shaggy DA (early 60’s)
  • Finding Nemo
  • Darkwing Duck
  • Princess of Thieves
  • Tron
  • TMNT
    There’s at least two, possibly three "Teenage Mutant Ninja
    movies that were made Before this one.

I’m absolutely certain there’s still several boatloads more. This is
just what I can think of right now.

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Politicians press for antispyware law yet again

I think it’s likely that this antispyware law is going to be passed
sooner or later. I only hope that when it finally gets pushed though, it
doesn’t turn out to have things so many exceptions that it isn’t worth
the time it’s taking to pass.

Two big questions about antispyware legislation however are "Can it be
enforced?" and "Will enforcing this kind of legislation, however good,
end up costing us more of our rapidly vanishing privacy and freedoms?

press for antispyware law yet again

WASHINGTON–Members of the U.S. House of Representatives vowed
Thursday not to let a bill aimed at curbing spyware die for a third

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On Site Optimizing: Don’t Forget The Reader!

When people build websites these days, they spend a lot of time thinking
about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They try to make sure that the
page has good clean html, that all of the links work and their images
all have alt="" tags. Particular attention is paid to the text content
of the page, trying to achieve a balance between keyword rich text for
the spiders and something human readers won’t look at and go "HUH?!?".
Yet there is one thing that I’ve seen on more and more sites lately that
makes it clear to me the person who designed the page never gave one
single thought to one very important factor.

They didn’t stop, look at their page with a critical eye and ask
themselves one very important question: "Is this page easy to read?"
Anytime somebody writes a page that has a light colored background and a
light colored text, they’re not thinking how blasted hard that can be to
read. Or perhaps they’re TRYING to cause eyestrain.

Do everyone a favor, if you have to have that white or off-white
background color (or image), then please, for the love of God make the
text color something that has enough contrast so that a body can read it
without straining.

Color combinations like dark colors on dark backgrounds, any light color
on any light color. This kind of low contrast color combinations can be
very hard to read, especially if you’re also using a small font. My
suggestion is to use at least a 10 or 12 point font and make sure that
the text color has a decent contrast to the background.

By the way, don’t forget the link colors! You’ll need to make sure that
the colors for active, visited, link and hover attributes leave the
links in a color that you can read against your background.

This aspect of web design may not have much effect on search engines,
but you need to remember that return visitors are important to any site.
Also, If a search engine decides that your text color is too close to
something that would be invisible or nearly invisible on your background
color, then your page could well take a penalty that causes it to drop
in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

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Disney World Tickets

Ever been to Disney World? I haven’t, but from all I’ve seen about the
place it’s got to be a really extreme experience. Unfortunately it’s
extreme in more ways than one… it can be a very expensive place to go.
Food, lodging, and probably the most expensive of all, is the Disney
World Tickets
themselves. is a site that calls itself the ultimate source
for Disney World tickets and also has resouces for planning other
aspects of your trip. They are Licensed & Bonded and a member of the of
Better Business Bureau, so you know they’re not just a fly-by-night

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WV: Warrantless surveillance in homes struck down

What we really need now is for a lot more states to follow up with
similar rulings and legislation to support the banning of warrantless

Warrantless surveillance in homes struck down

Most members of the state Supreme Court say police can’t use
electronic surveillance on oblivious suspects in their homes without
first getting a warrant.But one of the justices said the ruling is
"nonsense" and "overblown rhetoric," claiming that an informant could
walk into a defendant’s home, make some observations and testify in
court with no trouble — but electronic versions of the same
observations would not be admissible.

Source – Charleston
Daily Mail

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