Gaddafi: It’s time for Libya to open to the world

Here’s a real blast from the past. How many people remember good old
"Daffy Gaddafi" from the early Reagan era? Seems he’s still around even
though (as far as I know) he hasn’t shown up in the news in longer than
15 years.

Apparently he hasn’t changed his view much, if at all, still thinks his
way is better than western ways, but now he’s wanting to get Libya ready
for the eventuality that he won’t be around to pull the strings.

It’s time for Libya to open to the world

Says his ruling ideology is still superior to Western democracy.

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Online Coupons?

Remember coupons? Those handy little things that you (or maybe your
mother?) used to clip out of newspapers, magazines and advertising of
all kinds and save a bit here and a bit there on products you were going
to buy anyway?

Well, coupons are now, like so
many things, gone digital. is a very straightforward
site where you can find coupon codes for use in online buying. For
example I was easily able to fine Dell
Coupons and was able to find one for $300 off on an Insprion and

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US Preparing for Possible Iran Attack?

Well, it sure looks like it according to this BBC News story….

‘Iran attack plans’ revealed

US contingency plans for possible air strikes on Iran include most
of its military infrastructure, the BBC learns.

I saw the potential for this coming a while back. In March ’06, after Iran
threatened the US with "pain"
if UN measures were imposed
against it because of it’s nuclear program I observed that they were
going the same way as Saddam Hussein and that if they didn’t change
their ways, they’d suffer the same fate.

Just last month I saw a story about Iran
barring members of a nuclear inspection
team from entering the
country and wondered if Iran would be the next Iraq. Most recently, In a
post about an Iranian
threat to hit American interests, I commented that If Iran were to
make good on that threat to attack US interests they’d find themselves
up to their eyeballs in "regime change".

And now this pops up about US plans for a possible attack on Iran.
Frankly, I believe that this little tidbit was deliberately put out as
part of a ‘message’ to Iran. "If you mess with us, we WILL spank you and
put you to bed."

Now it’s true that regardless of what the President does or does not
want to do, there is a lot of anti-war sentiment in America these days. 
However in spite of that, if American people and interest start getting
attacked by Iranian (or Iranian backed) forces, public sentiments will
turn very quickly into ‘get revenge’ mode.  Once that happens Iran will
be in for serious trouble.

Wireless Sensors, The Internet and Big Brother

Once again, Big Brother is on the march. This time with cameras and
sensors that are connected by wireless internet, enabling more and more
areas to be monitored without having to run clumsy wires and cables all
over the place.

If there’s power available, ten you can put these sensors and cameras
in. For that matter, it would be a good idea to remember that batteries
ain’t what they used to be, now they’re rechargeable and last a lot

Sensors Extend Internet’s Reach

LOS ANGELES (AP) – To the untrained eye, the sleek, airy building
constructed atop a decommissioned nuclear reactor at the University of
California, Los Angeles could pass for high-tech office space.

A closer inspection of the glass-and-steel facade reveals dozens of
miniature, low-resolution cameras and sensors. They’re wirelessly
linked to computers throughout the 6,000-square-foot space, keeping
tabs on traffic flow in public areas and monitoring temperature,
humidity and acoustics.

A Little Early Aren’t We?

Is it just me or is the press to do something about holidays getting
applied sooner and sooner all the time? Christmas advertising starts up
around halloween these days and almost the day after Christmas, some
stores are putting up valentine’s day sales displays. Now it isn’t even
Feb 14th yet and already some have skipped a holiday or two and started
reminding us to take care of mothers
day gifts

I think that it’s important to remember things like birthdays,
anniversaries, mother’s day, father’s day and so on, but I haven’t
finished panicing about this one or the next one yet and now I guess I
need to get a jump on planning something for mother’s day also.

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