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Anothe thing I wasn’t going to do…

…is watch anything about 9-11. Don’t get me wrong, It’s got nothing to do with disrespecting the sacrifice and loss of that day.  Nor of anything like being anti-American. The simple reason is that it’s hard to watch.  I remember five years ago watching it live with my wife.  We heard about it minutes after […]

ISP Bars 70 Year old From Internet

After reading this, I cannot help thinking that a company called Carphone Warehouse is going to have to spend a lot of time and PR money to heal the damage done. The idea of denying internet service to someone because they’re too old is not only rediculous, it’s offensive. Internet (and other) providers should take […]

Embryo Safe Stem Cells?

Remember “Dolphin Safe” Tuna? Well, if this is to be believed, it looks like Science is close to a sort-of “Embryo Safe” Stem Cell. After all of the Pro Vs Con arguments that have flown around for years, this looks like there is potential to solve the issue By changing adult stem cells into something […]

Federal minister and GdP call for more stringent monitoring of Web content

This is yet another censorship move to watch. Once again, the threat of terrorism is being used as an excuse to attempt to justify spying and censoring people’s communications whether that communication is by phone, email, snail mail, blog or whatever. This is also yet another reason for everyone to use encryption and privacy tools […]

“Don’t Touch That Dial… Or Else!”

Remember back in the golden days of tv as a program was going to commercial or about to start, an announcer would say “Don’t touch that dial”? Well, Even if you don’t hear the words, the sentiment is there.  The difference is that now they MEAN it! This one is guaranteed to get you p.o.’d […]