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We upgraded our cable package at just in time for the Summer Olympics that are coming to London in June. It’s less than one hundred and fifty days away! Unfortunately, my husband and I won’t be able to make it across the pond to watch the Olympics—we have never been able to attend. We will be watching all the action in HD though. I think that diving is my favorite sport in the summer Olympics. I think that is absolutely amazing how people are able to dive from boards and platforms and land perfectly. I can’t believe how little of a splash that people make when they enter the water. I would definitely be way to scared to jump from anything that high. My husband’s favorite sport to watch is anything that takes place on the track. He ran track in high school and still loves to watch it. I am old now, but the last time I really remember follow the summer Olympic Track was in 1996 when Michael Johnson wore those gold Nikes! Those were awesome!

A Whole Bunch Of Slow Days

I realize that there hasn’t been much activity here lately but all I can say is that there’s been a whole bunch of really slow days where the needed inspiration just wasn’t there.  Then on the few occasions when there was inspiration, there were other things going on that got in the way of me writing any of the things that I know I should have been writing.

I’m also trying to do something about kicking up the viewer interest on my youtube channels.  On my vlog channel I’m thinking that it’s probably time to start having WFRT News cover the mystery of Bob’s disappearance.  This would also include many of the rumors that have been flying about on this subject.

Then on my Minecraft channel I’m thinking seriously about a new series that would feature me using a bunch of Mods in a second Let’s Play.  Specifically I’d be using Industrialcraft and Buildcraft which make it possible to build all kinds of machines, piping and wiring systems to automate a lot of stuff.  Then there’s Redpower which adds even more.  some of those machines allow you to generate more power than all of connecticut energy‘s in the space of a few cubic meters (remember, in Minecraft all blocks are one cubic meter square).  One of those mods, industrialcraft I think, even allows you to build a nuclear reactor which together with it’s support system could still fit in a 9 by 9 room and supply enough power for just about anything you’d want to build.

Hopefully my leg will ease off on the constant pain thing long enough for me to start recording some of that soon.

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A New ‘Bob’ Rumor

It never ceases to amaze me just how willing people are to create and spread rumors without any evidence or basis in fact at all.

Not long ago Bob, the host of Points of View and occasional guest star in some of my youtube videos, disappeared.  He vanished without a trace.  There were none of the normal signs of his preparing to go somewhere.

since then there has been a raft of rumors about where he might be and what he might be doing.  The latest is that he is somewhere in the Nevada desert, tied to a chair in a metal building and that kidnappers are demanding 40,000 pounds of cheddar cheese in exchange for his release.

Obviously this is a load of crap but still the rumor persists in spite of how ridiculous is is.  It is much more likely that he’s off chasing some woman that either is or looks like a member of “Babes of Star Trek Gone Wild” (his favorite video series).

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Project Fail (so far)

Remember that I’ve several times now mentioned that I was going to try to come up with funny and / or catchy slogans that I could put on t-shirts to sell on

Well so far it’s a complete total bust.

While I have come up with a few, after I filter out the ones that I consider to be either too inappropriate or too lame, I think I’ve got like two good possibilities.  I’ve been trying to come up with more but it’s a long way from easy.

Creativity always works better when it’s not forced.  This is why I’m *SO* much better at doing Minecraft videos these days than anything else.  I don’t have to force that.  I just log in, start recording and it all just falls into place.

I wish this t-shirt thing was even half as easy.  Maybe then I could get it going and start making some much needed money from it ‘eh?

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The Medical Look

I saw some video footage recently the image of which has stuck with me even though I can’t for the life of me remember where I saw it.  (what can I say, I watch a LOT of online video and it’s easy to confuse what I saw where and when).  The scene was of an average university campus.  People were busily going from one building to another toting books, laptops, briefcases and so on.

I thought it was a medical school until the camera moved inside where it became clear that it was just an average state university and not a medical school at all.

Why did I think this?  Because so many people were wearing medical scrubs.  You know, those comfortable looking, loose fitting clothes that you see doctors, nurses and technicians wearing in hospitals?  Students and faculty alike have apparently taken more and more to wearing them.  In fact it looks to me like medical scrub apparel has pretty much become one of the latest fashion trends.

I suppose I can understand why, while they’re not what I’d call fancy, they are simple designs that look comfortable.  Not only that but it also looks like the traditional ball cap is being replaced by scrub hats, something that I think the ‘good ol boy’ types will have a problem with because I have yet to see a scrub hat with a beer company logo on it.  As for myself I kinda think it’s a considerable improvement over the ball cap style hat.  While I’m generally not one to wear hats, when I do so it’s because I want to control my hair, keep it out of my eyes and keep stuff out of it.  Not be a walking billboard for a beer company.

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