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Political Bloggers May Be Forced to Register

If something like this gets passed, then it’s a guarantee that there will be a serious upswing in the number of anonymously published blogs. I don’t care if somebody’s got a million readers, that doesn’t make them a lobbyist and even if it did, having to register with the federal government …. EW… <User Shudders> […]

The Panic

I was busily working away at trying to solve a particularly stubborn problem late last night when there was a sudden frantic pounding on my door.  Against my better judgement I decided to go ahead and answer it, if only to stop the infernal pounding. When I opened the door Lucas rushed in, very much […]

Watch Out For The Ritis Brothers

The Ritis Brothers are a pair of real characters.  They’re one of the closest things that Nutjob Hills has to real life examples of “super villains”. To be fair, they are both not criminally inclined, Ben Ritis is a (mostly) upstanding citizen and usually tries to do what’s right.  Arthur Ritis on the other hand, […]

Kaspersky CEO Wants To End Online Anonymity

I just saw this little gem on Slashdot this morning: Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of well-known computer security company Kaspersky Labs, is calling for an end to the anonymity of the Internet, and for the creation of mandatory ‘Internet passports’ for anyone who wishes to browse the Web The very first thought I had after reading […]

Nominee For Email Of The Year

Anybody that knows me knows that 99.999999% of the time any email I get that says or in any way implies that it should be forwarded on is going to hit my trash folder fast enough to leave a trail of Cherenkov radiation and set off neutrino detectors all over the planet.  I’m actually that […]