Biometric All-In-One Credit Card

One of the latest things in credit card technology is this new thing called iCache This latest step on the road to a cashless society tries to combine all of a person’s credit cards into one.

Users register their cards on the company Web site and upload the information into the iCache. When they want to use it, they activate the device with a fingerprint on its biometric strip, scroll through a list of cards on its screen and choose one. Out pops a plastic card with a magnetic stripe, temporarily loaded with the chosen card’s data. Just swipe the card and pop it back into the iCache. After one use, the information on the card disappears. The device even works with loyalty cards, such as those handed out by supermarkets.

What they seem to gloss over is the fact that you have to give this company your credit card information.  But I’m certain that there’ll be plenty of people that will do it just for the illusion of convenience that it gives them by combining all of their cards into one.

It’s not a big thing I think, because RFID type technologies are going to quickly push physical cash and cards aside for how easy it’s going to seem when people just need to wave their hand past a scanner to pay for something.  It’ll be so convenient that they’ll never realize the true cost of it until it’s too late.

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Get Your Online Discount Coupons

This set of online coupons are a little different.  Because it’s not limited just to normal merchandise.  These coupons can get you a discount price for registering a domain name or web hosting plan.  These NetworkSolutions coupons will get you 10% off and 15% off any SSL Certificate or Seal.  You can also get a free domain name with an annual hosting plan.

These online coupons and a whole lot more can be found on There is a really large selection of coupons and coupons codes available there that can be searched either by product category or by an alphabetical list of stores.  There is also a listing of the most popular coupons.  No matter what you’re looking for from web hosting and domain names to clothing discounts and travel coupons.

Cellphone-Friendly Web Sites?

This is a genuine mystery to me.  Let’s face facts, cellphone screens are tiny… very tiny.  It’s hard enough to read addresses and phone numbers on one.  Full blown websites?  no way can that be done reasonably without a minimum of quadruple the screen size on the phone… and that would be cramped as all get out.

New Tools Help Create Cellphone-Friendly Web Sites

David Kesmodel from WSJ writes "New low-cost tools are making it easier for companies to register and build Web sites designed for cellphones, the Wall Street Journal reports. Domain-name registrars such as GoDaddy and Network Solutions are starting to roll out all-inclusive packages to target the mobile Web. And mobile-content specialists such as the U.K.’s Bango Ltd. offer their own mobile kits that help companies set up a basic mobile Web presence. Even so, the wireless Internet is still a long way from attracting a critical mass of users."

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UK: Cops may check crash drivers’ mobile records

Privacy takes another hit as the UK government moves to allow police to
check the records on cell phones of drivers involved in accidents. In
one respect it’s understandable that they want to find out if use of the
phone contributed to the accident. On the other hand, they’re apparently
not bothering with any kind of need for warrants, court orders or
anything else.

Cops may check crash drivers’ mobile records

The government may give police powers to check crash drivers’ mobile
phone records after a "routine accident", the Daily Telegraph reports.

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The Next Battle In Microsoft Security War

What has become known as "Patch Tuesday" has come round again this week.
This time there are six ‘critical update’ patches for Windows. This
month’s event is highlighted as Microsoft’s newest pet, Vista, gets the
first of what I expect to be many, many such ‘critical update’ patches.

The update patch for Vista rates pretty high on the irony meter because
although it’s been billed as the most secure version of windows yet the
flaw was in it’s "malware protection engine", used by several Microsoft
security programs including the so-called "Windows Defender" to help
guard against online threats. According to Microsoft, it could let an
attacker "take complete control" of a computer.

As if that isn’t enough, Vista has already been reported to fall victim
to what has been termed a "remarkably low tech hack". You see, one of
Vista’s new features is a speech recognition system that allows commands
to be given by simply speaking into the computer’s microphone. The
problem is that it is possible for a website to be set up to play sound
files on the PC speaker when you load it. The sound files contain a
voice speaking commands and if speech recognition is turned on, the
microphone picks up the voice from the speakers and obediently executes
those commands no matter what they are.

Overall it seems that Vista is making a big splash and causing a lot of
oohs and aahs, but there is growing talk about weaknesses being
discovered as people explore Vista’s innards.

My personal recommendation is to stay away from Vista.  Instead you’d be
better off checking out Debian Linux, an
entirely free operating system
that has Microsoft beat all hollow
when it comes to security and has none of the DRM junk that is part of
content providers taking control of YOUR computer.

Fronts in Microsoft Security Battle

"Patch Tuesday," when Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) releases repairs for
problems in its software, came and went this week with six critical
fixes – including the first one that touches Vista, the new operating
system billed as the most secure Windows version yet.

The hole registers high on the irony scale: The flaw was in a
"malware protection engine" that helps several Microsoft security
products – including "Windows Defender" for Vista – guard against
online threats. The problem could let an outsider "take complete
control" of a victim’s computer, according to Microsoft’s security

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